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Hello, I am a former student/ graduate (2011) at Franklin Career College (Ontario campus) I can say my experience there was what I made it. There were some good staff that was supportive and very professional as well as some that just should not have been there.

I was offered a job before graduation but due to unforseen circumstances I was unable to take the offer and it really does sucks because I have not worked as a medical assistance and the school is closed. I am stuck with this student loan and I was scheduled to do the refresher course in 2013 and they ended up closing permanently i just wish the had a campus open some where so that i can receive the services that were stated in the contract....

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I Graduated July 2011 in the LVN program from Franklin Career College. I was told that we would be receiving a new laptop and was told and shown that they were completely accredited and had an additional accreditation and that all of our credits will transfer anywhere.

We never received the laptops but, horribly ZERO credits !!! I passed the NCLEX and have been a nurse ever since then but I worked hard for it !!!

Franklin Career College - Franklin Career Institute -‎

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scam school teacher is helping to do test for students just to pass how you expect to get a job just by getting by and with people lives in your hands. I never knew that it happen to me no job after certificate no degree and money wise is drained my pockets im now a waitress turn begger at food lines ,don't even try to go here if the is what you really trying to do find a school plus I should have know if they throwing in a ipad is was a scam classes of 2015 are cheater your teach took the test for you like me so you all don't know anything about nothing and they took your money ,

5323 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11220(718) 535-3333

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Franklin Career College - Lies lies lies

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This school tell you one thing and does anotherthey are unable to keep staff for more than a year, has been issues with the financial lady pocketing the students money, now after firing yet another D.O.N, the new admininistrater is forcing students to pay large lump sums before graduation, students are now being forces to pay thousands of dollars in a three month period because they advised the students of this all of a sudden change more than half way into the program. This school is pure scams and I don't recommend this school to anyone the only good thing about this school is their lead teacher and nclex reviewer stacey and allan, in which those will be leaving may of this year. Horrible school.

Review about: Lump Sum.

Monetary Loss: $30000.

Franklin Career College

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I enrolled in an approved LVN School named Franklin Career College in 2007. I was told that The government ETP program would pay for half of my tuition because of the nursing shortage, and because I was a Certified Nurses Assistant.

I wasn't informed of any other conditions, only that I had to be enrolled in an accredited LVN program and be a CNA. I signed the contract and received a loan to pay for the remainder of the program , not covered by ETP. After two months of attendance I was told that to qualify for ETP funding for the remainder of the year, I would have to get a job quickly, work 13 hours, and then I could quit that job and focus on the program. I started looking for a job to satisfy the new requirements placed by the school.

A few weeks later they informed me that the stipulations had changed and that I now had to work 13 hours a week, but that they didn't know for how long. I was going to school five days a week and didn't have time to find a job or go to interviews that far into the program. I continued through the program without being contacted by school representatives regarding unpaid tuition. I was scheduled to graduate and be eligible to sit for the NCLEX on May 16th 2008.

Mrs. Hernandez the "school Dean" approached me one week prior to graduation and informed me that I would be required to write her a check for the balance unpaid by ETP, $10,000 immediately. I informed her that I wasn't able to pay her, and she told me to ask my relatives, because I wouldn't be graduating with the rest of my class if I didn't pay it. Feeling helpless, and deceived without any other option I agreed to start making payments to the school.

Franklin Career College is now suing me for the "unpaid balance".

I would not have enrolled in a program without meeting the requirements for funding prior. On the ETP website, it states, in order to receive funding you must be a Certified Nurses Assistant, be working as a CNA and enroll in an accredited LVN Program meeting the stipulations set forth by ETP.

So, you must be working before entrance into the LVN program. I was misinformed by Lila, a school administrator.

Review about: Licensed Vocational Nurse Education.

Monetary Loss: $10.



LeeLee I was also deceived along with several others. please contact me if I can be of help with your case.

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